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We conduct survey inspections of various types of sea vessels at all stages of transportation: from the supplier to the consignee.
Why us We provide convenient and professional service and guarantee prompt submission of information on the conducted surveyor inspections
Advantages Twenty-year experience and quality assurance
We offer all types of survey inspections

Our specialists conduct more than 10 types of inspections: starting from pre-shipment inspection of cargo and sea vessels to determining the water tightness of hatch covers. We guarantee independence and transparency of reports on the results of each inspection. Highly skilled surveyors carry out extensive control to ensure full compliance with cargo and transportation requirements.

Extensive experience and broad geographical presence

TopFrame has been providing sea survey services for more than 20 years. We work around the clock anywhere in the world. Our specialists annually conduct more than 35,000 expertises for 2,000 clients from Russia and abroad.

Supercargo services

Cooperating with TopFrame, you can order the development, coordination and approval of a cargo plan and the sequence of loading, stowing and securing cargo, including round-the-clock monitoring of their compliance.


Sea survey is an inspection of river and sea vessels, including survey inspections for receiving an independent expert assessment of the vessel and cargo condition. Sea survey helps to reduce risks and losses and provides important evidence in the event of problems with counterparts. An independent surveyor helps identify shortages, malfunctions of the vessel, non-compliance with transportation conditions and other violations that may lead to losses for the consignee or the carrier. The TopFrame Survey Agency has been conducting surveys of fruits and vegetables, grain surveys, seafood surveys, meat surveys and other product categories for over 20 years. We have a large staff of specialists around the world. The cost of TopFrame survey services does not exceed average prices on the market and can please clients. If your business needs surveyor services, submit an application on our website. Cargo inspection by TopFrame specialists guarantees high-quality survey services for vessels at all stages of transportation from the consignor to the consignee.
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