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TopGuard cargo control sensors
Why us StopGuard is a unique device that provides control over cargo safety at all stages of transportation
Advantages Take cargo under control
Any incident will be recorded

The device records three parameters: light, movement, temperature change. It is placed inside a vehicle or cargo container before shipment, or at a warehouse, and records every event. If someone has gained access to the cargo along its route, the device will record this in its memory card and notify you about it via SMS message.

Time-proven reliability

Dozens of companies use the services of purchasing and renting StopGuard devices, significantly reducing losses from cargo theft and non-compliance with transportation conditions.

It helps ensure your legal protection

StopGuard device reports can be presented to an insurance company to obtain insurance indemnities or in court proceedings as evidence. Reports can also become an important part of internal control documents of organizations engaged in the transportation of goods.


Meticulous cargo safety control is the key to your peace of mind and minimizing losses arisen from cargo theft or loss. StopGuard devices monitor three parameters to ensure cargo safety: light, movement, temperature change. The StopGuard event recorder is an access control sensor. It determines the fact and records the time of unauthorized access to cargo even if the lock or seal device remains intact. The device is installed inside vans, containers, holds, storage chambers with cargo.
Thus, StopGuard sensors can perform several functions at once: ● Cargo transportation control; ● Cargo storage control; ● Cargo safety control. StopGuard recorders will help simplify and automate cargo safety control and will also become a solution in proving the fact of cargo theft during the transportation. One such portable sensor installed in a container, wagon, van, hold or warehouse can provide cargo control at all stages of transportation and storage
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