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Construction control (technical supervision) and technical expertise
Why us We have our own staff of qualified civil engineers included in the NRS (National Register of Builders)
Advantages Over 20 years' experience Individual approach Dedicated manager
We are the chosen TopFrame offers a wide range of services for construction control and construction and financial expertise
Control at all stages of facility construction

TopFrame provides services in all sectors of industrial and commercial construction, and operates in the following areas: construction control; construction and financial audit and monitoring; calling a laboratory to conduct independent laboratory tests; consultations and assistance in commissioning facilities.

Consultations and assistance with documents

If necessary, TopFrame employees can assist the customer in preparing the package of documents necessary to commission the facility. Our employees are always ready to consult partners on all issues related to construction control and expertise.

Independent construction control

All TopFrame experts are on the National Register of Builders. The company's activities comply with the ISO international quality system. We provide assistance in conducting independent laboratory tests of the work performed and research of the materials used. TopFrame has partnership agreements with accredited laboratories having the necessary licenses.


Quality control of construction work is a mandatory process to be performed during new construction, reconstruction, and overhaul of facilities. Technical supervision (construction control) is aimed at ensuring the quality of construction and installation work, compliance with deadlines, scope, cost of construction, compliance with design documentation and regulatory requirements.
Construction control is regulated by federal and municipal regulations; TopFrame specialists conduct technical supervision for all types of industrial and commercial facilities. Construction work is monitored by qualified civil engineers who strictly adhere to technical supervision regulations. Based on the results of the technical supervision inspection, inspection reports for the specified work are drawn up. If you are looking for a company that will control construction and installation work, submit an application on our website to learn more about the cost of construction control and the terms of cooperation.
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