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We offer training and professional development services for employees engaged in quality control of fresh fruits and vegetables
Why us The training program has been designed by Ph.D. candidates in the field of agriculture
Advantages Practice-focused training
Zero training and professional development

The following can undergo training at our center: Experienced commodity experts who need to streamline their theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as familiarize with current trends in the field of quality control of fruits and vegetables and FROW. Beginning specialists who want to have an opportunity to perform independent professional activities in the “Commodity research and quality control of fresh fruits and vegetables” specialty.

The TopFrame training center services include:

Testing of commodity experts (assessment of the level of theoretical and practical training); A training course “Commodity research and quality control of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Own methods and practical training

We offer own format of the training center’s activities with no analogues. Educational programs are not limited to theory; they include a large amount of practical training. Based on practical cases, we impart skills and clear algorithms of actions in a variety of situations of fruit and vegetable products quality examination.


Our Topframe training center offers both training and professional development courses for commodity experts engaged in quality control of fruits and vegetables. Training forms an integral part of the commodity experts' activity since they constantly have to deal with new trends and technologies in the industry, changes in standards and regulations. Online courses for commodity experts in this case are a less effective practice than those with the direct presence of an experienced mentor who will be able to reveal all the subtleties and features of the processes associated with such an area as commodity research in real practice.
The work program of our course discusses issues related to general examination for accepting fruits and vegetables, maintaining quality and reducing losses, the conditions of their transportation and storage, while FROW training also includes practical classes on quality control of fruits and vegetables.
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