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Inspection of goods at the manufacturing stage
Why us We conduct inspections throughout Russia, Europe, and Asian countries
Advantages We have representative offices in China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Iran
It's about us Qualified experienced inspectors
We work with any categories of goods

Certified TopFrame inspectors are ready to check the quality of any product groups: food and chemicals, electronics and household appliances, industrial equipment, textiles, etc. Following inspection by our staff, you can be assured that the manufacturer will ship an item that meets your requirements and requests.

Full range of quality control measures

TopFrame employees will ensure the full cycle control: at the manufacturing stage, prior to shipment, and will also inspect the entire process of goods shipment. We draw up individual checklists with each customer and will conduct inspections based on the criteria that are important to you.

We control every inspection stage

Our inspectors' opinions are NOT based on information from the manufacturers or photos and videos provided by them. Each inspection is conducted in the personal presence of a TopFrame employee. Only accredited laboratories having necessary licenses and certificates conduct goods inspections.


Production process inspection is a key element of product quality control at the manufacturing stage that allows you to check product quality on-site at different stages of the manufacturing process and prior to dispatch. Inspection of products before they leave the manufacturer is an effective method to avoid quality problems and supply chain disruptions later. Quality control criteria for product samples include the purpose of the product, its operational qualities, appearance and dimensions.
We also conduct food and raw material inspections around the world. Our inspectors are trained in product categories and conduct quality control of goods at the production site or ports (inspection upon arrival). The sampling methods we use are based on international standards. Product quality control is a mandatory procedure for any manufacturer if you want to get good products. This service is especially relevant for companies working with Chinese manufacturers. If you want to arrange quality control of goods at the production site in China, Turkey, Iran, CIS countries or Russia, fill out the form on our website so that the company manager will contact you and provide detailed information about the terms of cooperation.
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